Warranty Clause

This warranty is void in the event that clients:

  • Makes repairs or modifications on the project.
  • Hires 3rd party to make such repairs or modifications to the surface of the project.
  • Misrepresents any damage or deficiency or cause of such damage or deficiency.
  • Fortuitous events under Article 1174 or “act of God,” or natural occurrences such as flood, typhoons, storms, earthquakes or other cataclysmic events: or “act of man”  such as riots, strikes, wars, government prohibition , robbery etc. that may damage the project.
  • The Printerie Shop will not be responsible for any wallpaper issues that are not caused directly by the company. Issues arising from external factors and circumstances such as but not limited to undiscovered and/or changing wall conditions, external damage such as scratches & rip-offs, moisture, leakage, smudges, underlying paint conditions which affect the wallpaper’s durability and quality shall be carefully monitored by the customer.