Your Workspace Needs to “Dress for Success,” too.

Your Workspace Needs to “Dress for Success,” too.

The overall aesthetic and ambiance can both consciously and subconsciously impact people’s vibes, moods and energy on a daily basis. Employees are slowly putting in longer hours in the office again, than in the house, as they are moving forward to a post-pandemic era. Thus, it is now, more than ever, crucial to create a visually appealing space that is functional, comfortable, calm and inviting—all which promote a better sense of well-being, as well as collaboration, creativity, efficiency and productivity. 

Bring in a splash of colors and refreshing patterns to your workspace with wallpaper designs that guarantee a less stressful and more productive atmosphere—in terms of ambience at least. Yes, it is highly essential yet typically overlooked for companies to take the physical work environment into consideration, especially for employees who spend a large part of their day in an office.  

So check out our quality wallpapers because it is time for your office or workspace to “dress for success”:


For workspaces, the key is to choose soft patterns that can add texture to the space but at the same time, it should not be loud and distracting. Start with this subtle yet chic geometric wallpaper with a modern touch. A perfect accent wall against your work desk or in your office’s conference room. Place it strategically where it is well-lit and add plants to bring life to the soft grayscale-colored design. 


Have you ever wondered why people love working or studying in coffee shops? You enter a café and voila, all you see are people camping on corners with available sockets fidgeting on their laptops and phones or reading books. It is because coffee shops are designed to give a relaxed atmosphere, cozy space, and a sense of freedom and flexibility—which helps boost dopamine (happy hormones) and energy. This wallpaper can emulate just that! Best placed in a quiet corner of the office with black accents like drop lights, furniture or shelves and huge plants to spruce it up.


If you are more in the creative industry of the corporate world and you always need creative juices to flow to help you cross out items in your to-do list, this chic wallpaper can exude artsy vibes in support of just that! There is a certain finesse and appeal to the geometric abstract style in soft pastel hues that is so calming to the eyes yet energizing to the brain. 


However, for edgier wallpapers such as Geometrical Pastel or Abstract Mint, it is VERY crucial to match it with modern & clean furniture for the aesthetic to work. Moreover, the best plants to pair it with are those in the cacti family. 


Especially when you live in a busy urban city living & breathing that “daily grind,” you would always want to come home to a place that makes you feel like you’re away on vacation—a place that feels far away from the noise of the hustle n’ bustle. Choosing wallpapers with a nature & landscape feel like the Sunset Mural can feel like a daydream, with that ‘‘vacation-in-your-home’ experience that relaxes and calms the stress off your mind. 

Finding a good office design is marrying art & psychology together. Successful brands and businesses really do understand why it is important to invest money and time in ensuring that their workspaces are designed strategically and creatively for their employees. Not only will it help create a healthy and happy workplace, but creating that powerful environment can support the business to live up to its everyday mission, working towards success which is—its vision. 

Companies and businesses also consult with us for our design recommendations, services and products which guarantees all materials used are eco-friendly and safe. The materials and ink are UL GreenGuard Certified. 

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