What's Your Wallpaper Style

What's Your Wallpaper Style

Should you go for bright colors or more relaxing patterns? Take this quiz to find out!

Your home is a reflection of who you are and how you live. And with a bit of work, you can make sure that your home says a lot about your own personality. Using wallpaper on your walls offers a fun and easy way to jazz up your own space and make it uniquely yours. 

Not sure where to begin? Start by knowing which style is best for you— take our quiz to find out!

Question #1: How do you want your space to feel?

A: sleek and functional

B: fun and free-spirited

C: cozy and calm

D: feminine and homey 

Question #2: What do you feel about color?

A: I’m all for elegant neutrals (taupes, beiges, creams, and olive tones).

B: Bright pops of color make me swoon!

C: I’m drawn to crisp blues, whites, and charcoal greys. 

D: Delicate pastels are my absolute love.

Question #3: When it comes to home décor, what do you believe in?

A: Keep it simple and balanced.

B: The more unique, the better.

C: Less is more.

D: A mix of vintage and modern pieces is key.

Question #4: Pick an accent for your new shelf. 

A: my favorite travel books

B. an assortment of candles and figurines

C. a minimalist tray or dish 

D. blooms (either fresh or preserved) 

Question #5: Where do you mostly shop for home décor?

A: furniture stores nearby

B. Japanese variety stores


D. vintage shops

Question #6: Select a plant for your coffee table. 

A: white roses 

B. sunflowers

C. succulents 

D. carnations 

Question #7: What is your favorite part of the home? 

A: my WFH office

B. the living/family room 

C. the bathroom 

D. the garden 

Question #8: Describe your personal style with one word.

A: polished

B: playful 

C: minimalist 

D: feminine 

Question #9: Pick a show to binge-watch.

A: Queer Eye 

B: Nailed It! 

C: Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

D: Nadiya Bakes

Question #10: If you could plan your next trip, where would you go?

A: to a museum or art gallery 

B: to a theme park

C: to a quiet beach or mountain

D: to the countryside 

Now add up your score! Did you choose:

Mostly As, Mostly Bs, Mostly Cs, or Mostly Ds?

What Your Score Says About Your Style + Our Wallpaper Recommendations


You embrace simplicity and subtle sophistication. You go for relevant styles that are functional yet elevated. The color scheme for this style typically utilizes a wide variety of calm neutrals, such as white, cream, beige, olive, and browns.  

Mostly Bs: PLAYFUL

You are fun, creative, and free-spirited. Your style is quirky, and you delight in playing around with different colors, designs, and textures. This style incorporates bright colors and playful patterns.


Your keywords are sleek, clean, and modern. You prefer to keep things minimalist but still cozy. The Scandinavian style embraces different elements such as clean lines, muted hues, and inviting textures.


You adore vintage, floral, and all things romantic. You like to keep a homey atmosphere and mix antiques with modern pieces. Pastel colors and floral designs fit the Shabby Chic style like a glove. 

Whether your style is contemporary, playful, minimalist, or feminine, remember that your home is your own personal canvas — you just need to understand your personality and the style that best represents you.  Don’t forget to check our selection of wallpapers on our website for your next home makeover! 

Have a different design in mind? Feel free to message us—we’d love to bring your wallpaper dreams to life!

Click https://theprinterie.com/ to get started!

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