Preparing Your Baby's Nursery With Wallpaper

Preparing Your Baby's Nursery With Wallpaper

Here are some tips to help you create the right space for your bundle of joy.

Decorating a nursery is simply one of the most exciting tasks when preparing for your baby’s arrival. However, the practical work of providing your newborn with a safe and quiet space that’s also beautiful can be quite daunting. Keep in mind that the nursery is a very special place, and it’s important for babies and parents to be able to enjoy it. That’s why you should consider decorating your child’s nursery with beautiful wallpaper.

There is no one right way to decorate a nursery. Some parents prefer a calming, understated look, while others prefer a more festive atmosphere. And some parents choose to focus on a single theme, while others prefer to mix and match different themes.  

Here are some classic, trendy, and fun nursery wallpaper ideas to get you started.

  1. Create an accent wall

Many parents choose to use wallpaper as an accent wall and paint the rest of the room in a complementary hue. For the focal point wall, choose bright, bold colours and patterns. Pro tip: An eye-catching wall makes a great background for the changing table or behind the baby’s crib. 

  1. Add texture and scenery with wallpaper

Consider using textured wallpaper to bring a sense of depth and a tactile feel to the walls. Or create a bright, scenic view with mountains and trees. Animal silhouettes can bring a sense of adventure and liven up the room extremely well.

  1. Wallpaper the ceiling

A wallpapered ceiling, as opposed to a walled approach, can also be incredibly stunning. Walls may be painted in soothing hues like white or pastels, while the ceiling can be decorated with a beautiful, nature-themed wallpaper.

  1. Personalise it

One way to truly give the nursery a unique look is by personalising the wallpaper with your child’s name. It is a simple but thoughtful design that can also grow up with your child.

Wallpaper is an easy and wonderful way to decorate a nursery. It can be used to brighten up the walls, build a focal space in the room, and create a space that’s optimum for your child’s development. 

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