Love On Your Walls: Why You Should Print Your Digital Photos on Canvas

Love On Your Walls: Why You Should Print Your Digital Photos on Canvas

Photography is one of the most brilliant human inventions. Why is this so? Through photography, we can capture memories and events, similar to freezing a scene or image at one point in time and reality. Pictures also help us tell others our story without having to use words. On top of that, photos help us to see and appreciate the beauty in everyday life.

Now thanks to the smartphone era, almost everyone has a camera on their cellphone. This means that any smartphone user, from pros to amateurs, can easily tap into their creative side and make something that will be viewed and loved for years to come. But if you’re like most people, even if you’ve been snapping photographs for years, your images are just probably tucked away either in your phone gallery, on your laptop, or in the cloud. It’s unfortunate that no one can see or appreciate these photographs, no matter how wonderful they are. 

So consider printing your favorite memories, but don’t just settle for the more common digital prints. Instead, do something more special and print your digital photos on canvas. 

Why you should print your digital photos on canvas

  1. Canvas prints allow you to transform your memories into stunning art pieces. 

With a high-quality canvas print, you get gorgeous colors, contrast, and depth. Canvas prints have a richness and vibrancy to them, as well as a beautiful textured weave. The texture effectively adds visual interest while also helping to soften minor photo imperfections. Photo canvas prints provide a fantastic way to adorn your space. They are customizable, versatile, lightweight, and super easy to install! When your images become part of your home, they eventually become part of your life, allowing you to relive special moments over and over again as the years go by.

  1. There’s something so fulfilling about canvas prints.

In today’s digital age, sharing a picture on social media takes just a few seconds, and everyone’s rapidly scrolling past images in their feed. Therefore, it’s a pleasant change of pace to have a tangible print. Nothing beats having your finished creation in your hands—one that you can see, smell, touch, and hold. Unwrapping a canvas print feels so rewarding. Plus, you get to admire and appreciate something on your wall that you created.

  1. Canvas prints are durable. 

Great quality canvas prints make use of premium inks and materials that are designed to last a lifetime. They stay vibrant over the years and will not fade, crack, or turn yellow over time. 

  1. Canvas prints are a safe and eco-friendly option.


The Printerie uses non-toxic inks with absolutely no solvents or hazardous chemicals and safe, eco-friendly canvas material. We do our part in caring for the environment, and this means responsibly crafting all of our products and choosing only Earth-friendly printing materials and packaging whenever possible.   

  1. Canvas prints make the best gifts.

If you’re looking for a gift with a unique character and one that will add a personal touch, then your best bet would be a digital photo canvas print. Canvas prints are also affordable, making them an excellent option for people on the hunt for personalized gifts that won’t break the bank. 


Cherish your priceless memories—with The Printerie.

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