How to Achieve the Trendy Aesthetic in your Bedroom With Wallpapers

How to Achieve the Trendy Aesthetic in your Bedroom With Wallpapers

People say that your bedroom is a reflection of who you really are. When you look at your bedroom, do you see yourself? 

Minimalism and white spaces for home interiors was all the rage, especially during the early days of the lockdown. People embraced the principle “Less is more” and ended up throwing away things that do not spark them joy. 

In one famous facebook group dedicated to home care and home interiors, we see most people posting before-and-after from their ‘messy’ homes bursting of hoarded items through the years to their now all-white spaces that achieves the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic or the cozy Scandinavian interiors.  

One from the group even mentioned in a comment, “Now everyone’s houses look like each other.” And yes, while we still are head over heels for the concept 'minimalism,' we can’t help but wonder: How can my minimalist room reflect my unique personality while maintaining the overall neatness and cohesive aesthetic?

Here in The Printerie, you get to partner with our team of creative artists to help bring life and personality to your room through our intricately designed ~trendy aesthetic~ wallpapers that would surely cater to a variety of tastes of a variety of personalities and individuals! 

Take a look at few of the many styles you can choose from:

Add texture to your room with this soft fin-pattern in a gentle hue of blue. 

Perfect for the bold and the strong spirit. This chic & contemporary wallpaper incorporates clean lines, complementing colours and a pop of surprising elements here and there.

Add a romantic and whimsical flair to a corner of your room with this design that marries nature, love and elegance.

Kids’ rooms are always scattered with toys, leftover snacks, and God knows what. But we can do something about the walls! Prettify your kids’ rooms with this cutesy wallpaper that isn’t just ~aesthetically-pleasing~ but also educational! 

Accentuate a light, airy and modern corner of your bedroom with a clean yet exquisite touch of Paris. This “view” will surely put you in a calm mood for a well-deserved self-care time—guaranteed chef’s kiss!

There are so many more wallpaper options for you to choose from in The Printerie. The goal is to reflect YOU in your own space — one wall at a time. On top of that, this shop guarantees that all materials are eco-friendly and safe. The materials and the ink are UL GreenGuard Certified.

So, please get in touch with us to turn your dream wallpaper dreams into reality! You may also shoot us an e-mail for samples at

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