How Photographs Make up for Lost Memories

How Photographs Make up for Lost Memories

Once in a while, you'd have that itching feeling to remember something from the past. Determined to go down memory lane, you flip through the pages of an aged album you hid under the bed. Then, you find an unfilled plastic slot where a photo should be. You figured that you had lost it or somehow even damaged it to the point of no repair. It's an upsetting revelation that some memories vaguely exist only inside your mind. 

Photographs are literally the embodiment of our memories and the preservation of our pieces of history. Our pictures fill in the gaps in our memories as we pass them down as stories to our children and their coming children. If you're thinking about a creative way to preserve those memories, have them at full display through Printerie's Canvas Prints, and enjoy reliving them with your loved ones together. 

Why should you preserve your memories through photographs? 

Our photos are glimpses of events we find worth remembering. When you've had your big promotion or your graduation, it's normal to want to remember these core memories down to the littlest of details. The warm and fuzzy feeling of having to be a part of something important makes you feel the happiest when you're spending it with people that matter to you the most. Unfortunately, our minds don't work like a camera. Random little moments that make these moments meaningful can be forgotten over time. Luckily for us, we have our photographs to help us remember. 

They make perfect stories to tell to your grandchildren.

A real conversation starter for your children and your grandchildren is to share stories from the past, specifically love stories with details about your first meet down to your wedding day. Nothing makes up a good Sunday brunch topic than a full morning talking about love at first sight coupled with light comedic banter. 

The memories you wish to preserve, and the stories you anticipate sharing with your grandkids are made tangible with the family pictures you hung on the living room walls. They are your timeless treasures that allow others to get glimpses of your personal history. 

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