Things to Consider Before Buying Wallpaper

Things to Consider Before Buying Wallpaper

There’s a lot more to a good wallpaper than meets the eye.

Wallpaper design and selection are a key part of any room’s décor. Whether it’s an office, bedroom, or living room, choosing the perfect wallpaper is a key element in making a home feel complete. Wallpapers come in many shapes, sizes, and colours, and all of them can add style to a room. But, with so many choices available, where do you start? Here we’ll show you some of the things to think about when selecting your perfect wallpaper.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wallpapers

  1. Wall condition: The surface of the walls must be smooth, even, and dry. Also, walls should be clean and free of oil, grease, and dirt. Newly painted walls should be allowed to cure for at least two weeks before installing wallpaper, while walls painted with glossy enamel should be de-glossed prior to installation; otherwise, the paper will not adhere to the surface. 

  1. Heat & humidity of the room: The area should be well ventilated and indoors. This is because the heat and humidity will eventually get to your wallpaper and cause it to peel. Likewise, without proper ventilation, moisture can get trapped behind the wallpaper and damage both the wallpaper and the wall. 

  1. Dimensions of the wall: When choosing wallpaper, many people make the mistake of neglecting the wall dimensions of the room. Always consider the height and width of the walls before buying wallpaper. This will help you budget for your project accordingly. Keep in mind as well that the more wall space exposed and the bigger the room, the more wallpaper will be needed.

  1. Wallpaper finish & where to install the wallpaper: The Printerie offers different types of finishes: Basic Smooth, Basic Sand, Special Textured, Premium Matte Silver, and Premium Matte Gold. 

  • Basic Smooth: This is the easiest to maintain, which is why it is most recommended for children’s rooms.
  • Basic Sand: This gives off a warm and cozy vibe, perfect for adding vibrancy and energy to your dining room.
  • Special Textured: The textural element is exciting, making it an excellent choice for the living room or your home office.
  • Premium Metallic: This adds an eye-catching yet sophisticated touch to your walls and works exceptionally well as an accent wall in your bedroom.
  1. Scale of the desired pattern: Another important factor to consider is the scale of the design. Pick a bold pattern to emphasize a section of a wall, or choose a design with horizontal stripes to make a living space look larger. If a room is somewhat tiny, avoid overly large patterns to avoid overwhelming the room.  

Wallpaper is often considered a personal choice that should be left to the owner of the home or office. But there are other considerations that may come into play when purchasing wallpapers. At The Printerie, we will be happy to suggest wallpaper ideas that would look stunning in your home (just send us a picture of your wall/s). In addition, we have designers who can help you out and give the best suggestion for your wall for a fee.

Can’t wait to get started? Send us an email at and bring your wallpaper dreams to life!

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