Get Creative this 2023: New Year, New Walls!

Get Creative this 2023: New Year, New Walls!

Welcoming another year truly calls for more adventures and risks. And in the realm of interior design, accent walls are said to be going strong in 2023!

 Get bold and let your colorful personality reflect in your own space with a punch of patterns and bursts of colors from these trendy yet elegant wallpaper selections that scream: “New Year, New Walls!” 


This richer, jewel-toned magenta hue is a no-brainer—an ode to 2023’s official color of the year as named by the Pantone Color Institute. With a lining of the metallic pattern forming a bunch of leaves, this aesthetic marries both trendy and timeless, something you can still leave on even years after 2023.

Perfect as an accent wall in your bedroom, the overall aesthetic and feel of the Pink & Gold Leaves wallpaper will surely make you feel calm & pampered as you lounge around.



Wallpaper can be the best way to try new styles if you're not yet sure of the aesthetic you are going for. White Curve Lines is perfect introductory wallpaper for people whose aesthetic is more on the minimalist Scandinavian style and are still on the fence on trying out loud colors and bold prints. 

Start with adding this as an accent wall to your living room, best placed on a wall where light touches. Add plants to liven it up!


Make your dining area look expensive and elegant with this lush floral design that calls for a romantic dinner or a fancy high tea. Best paired with dark-hued wooden furniture and golden accents such as a droplight or a golden framed mirror. 


This year, home décor and design trends are primed to be shifted into a modern touch of the texture-rich style via wooden pieces in an earthy & neutral color scheme. Wooden Plaques will be the key piece to tie together a corner in your home that’s filled with huge wooden furniture and bespoke vintage touches, bringing warmth and character in your bedroom or in your home-office.

Check out many more wallpaper options for you to try out in The Printerie. Make sure to choose a design that can reflect what you want to feel in that certain area of your home–be it calm and relaxed or playful and energized. 

But whichever you choose, you are sure to feel great because this shop guarantees that all materials used are eco-friendly and safe. The materials and ink are UL GreenGuard Certified.

Please get in touch with us to help bring out life and pizzazz in your space through our products. You may shoot us an e-mail for samples at

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