Eco-friendly Walls by The Printerie

Eco-friendly Walls by The Printerie


Our eco-friendly wallpapers blend style & sustainability.

At The Printerie, we believe that we need more eco-friendly options in the market. We believe that this is the right way forward for our planet and future generations. And being an eco-conscious business, we only sell Greenguard-certified wallpapers to our customers. 

But what does this certification mean? And how does it support a healthier environment for my family and me?

If these are your questions, then keep reading.

What Is the GREENGUARD Certification?

Greenguard is the most well-known certification program created by the World Wildlife Fund. It evaluates products and how they might affect the environment. The Greenguard Certification Program makes sure that toxic substances like formaldehyde, phthalates, PVC, and others are not in products used in homes, schools, or offices. 


Greenguard Certification Is the Gold Standard 

For a product to be Greenguard-certified, it is first tested for over 10,000 chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Therefore, only Greenguard-certified products are those that meet rigorous standards for low levels of emissions and keep the air quality in your home high. Do keep in mind that when there are a lot of certain VOCs, it can sometimes make you and your loved ones sick. This is also why having Greenguard certification is super important when selecting the right wallpaper for your baby’s room.

The Printerie Loves Being Green!

At the Printerie, we're very happy to say that we've been certified by Greenguard and that our products meet the strict rules set by the Greenguard Program. Rest assured our wallpapers are safe for the environment.


For years, The Printerie has been on a mission to sell high-quality lifestyle prints that make a statement while helping make the world a safer, healthier place. We only use materials that are good for the environment, and our UV ink makes our wallpapers more durable—so you can enjoy them for years to come.

So if you're looking to buy sustainable and eco-friendly wallpapers, then you've come to the right place. We are committed to providing high-quality prints, and we make sure our products are the best for you and the environment.

Visit today for a wide range of wallpaper designs you can choose from. We can also customise any of the available designs on our catalogue or even help you create the wallpaper of your dreams! Simply drop us an email at

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