A Look at The Printerie's Anniversary Colelction

A Look at The Printerie's Anniversary Colelction

It’s a true celebration of art featuring our favourite line art illustrations.

As The Printerie turns three this year, we’re celebrating our anniversary with the release of our new collection!

The Anniversary Collection

Line Art is an illustration style that incorporates minimal lines and negative space to create refined yet crafty designs. Our clientele loves it since it’s very chic and trendy. There are many different ways to create line art, including vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zigzag, and curved lines. Though it may be minimal, the design manages to catch the eye. It can define forms and figures, as well as to convey movement and emotion.

Check out the following designs featured in our 2022 Anniversary Collection!

  • Neutral Line Palms
  • The palm trees formed when the lines come together evoke thoughts of warmth and long, lazy days of summer. 
  • Maze
  • The lines join together to form a maze-like abstract design, which works well in modern interior design settings. 
  • Paris Rooftop
  • This Parisian rooftop scene is quite artsy and whimsical without being too busy.
  • Paper Roses
  • The lines depict rose buds and blooms to instill feelings of romance, beauty, and love.
  • Abstract Faces
  • This design showcases contemporary abstract faces in one line art style, perfect for contemporary interiors.
  • Vintage Blue Floral 
  • These blue florals are a great way to give your walls some needed life and charm.

    If you’re looking for a company that can ensure high-quality printing, safe and healthy inks, and the ability to make design changes to suit your needs, look no further. Throughout the design, printing, and installation process, we are dedicated to providing you with the most premium quality and an even more premium customer experience.

    Whether it’s your own photos or designs, The Printerie guarantees to give your space the extra flair it deserves — one wall at a time.

    Please get in touch with us to turn your dream wallpaper dreams into reality! You may also shoot us an e-mail for samples at theprinterie.shop@gmail.com.

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