5 Reasons People Undecided about Wallpapers Should just Go for it! 

5 Reasons People Undecided about Wallpapers Should just Go for it! 

If you’re still on-the-fence about transforming your space with fresh wallpapers for a change, then you are in the right place! The Printerie offers sleek designs you can try, which promises to spruce up the overall vibe of your rooms without drastically making you feel like you are suddenly living in a different place with sudden loud colors and bold prints. Also, here are five reasons why you should just go for wallpapers:

Wallpapers can artistically solidify the style & vibe of the room.

For instance, going for a minimalist Scandinavian style should not trap you into plain bland white walls. Wallpapers artistically give you more opportunities to be creative. The Geometric Diamond Wallpaper, with its soft & consistent patterns in a neutral hue, can be the perfect introductory wallpaper for rooms with a minimalist vibe. 

If this is your first time, just try this as an accent wall to your living room, best placed where most of the sunlight touches. Add tall, vibrant green plants to liven it up!

Wallpapers can add texture and make the room look more expensive. 

Interior design trends are currently shifting towards the texture-rich style. Going for real textures like wooden pieces or brick walls, could cost a lot and may burn a hole in your pocket. But don’t let that stop you from trying. The Cement Finish design that mimics the appearance of a concrete or cement surface can work as a key piece to bring warmth and character in your living room, bedroom, or in your home-office.

Wallpapers can serve as the room’s focal point to feature art or photos.

The thing about wallpaper is that it has the potential to be the room’s statement piece in itself. The key word is to curate! Artists with expensive taste tend to love romantic designs such as the White Floral—elegant, floral, and nature-inspired. 

Choose an accent wall in your living room that could be a focal point where you’d love your guests to take longer to look at.  This wallpaper can beautifully frame your favorite personal photos hung along with some cohesive art pieces.  Best matched with dark-hued furniture and golden accents such as a droplight or gold frames. 

Wallpapers can regularly be changed.

The beauty of wallpapers is that when properly set-up by the experts, it will surely stay in place for a very long time, but at the same time, modern wallpapers are also designed to be generally strippable without fuss.  In fact, people call it Renter’s Paper because it is a perfect option for people who are renting and will need to remove it eventually. 

Wallpapers are most perfect for kid’s rooms, as their taste and style change drastically every time as they grow up. Toddlers will love Alphabets & Animals, but after just a few months, they might start to want to change it to something dreamy and princess-y or something space & science like the Cyan Space wallpaper. And then, as they get to their pre-teens or teenage years, you’ll most likely see another different version of them! 

Wallpapers are low-maintenance, durable & cost-effective! 

Wallpapers are proven to be durable to last over 15 years, even in rooms with high foot traffic areas (read: even in kids’ rooms!), especially the ones like The Printerie’s high-quality materials with inclusive wall rendering service by experts. Even for imperfect walls, wallpapers can still be hung properly flat and help hide surface imperfections. It also helps, visually, if the wallpaper has a patterned design like the Beige Feathers.

Aside from our recommendations, there are so many more promising options for you to try out in The Printerie. If it’s your first-time, our pro-tip is to make sure to choose something timeless that you will surely love, even for another decade. And most of all, always choose the best product & service provider, such as The Printerie. We guarantee that all materials used are eco-friendly and safe. The materials and ink are UL GreenGuard Certified. So, please feel free to book and consult with us so we can properly guide you through step-by-step in beautifying your home. You may shoot us an email for samples at theprinterie.shop@gmail.com.

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